How can I get competitive prices for my move?
What are the economical solutions for transporting furniture or bulky objects?
Why is WebTransportDeal the moving platform that goes up?

The answer lies in one word: groupage.


Groupage or co-transportation: 100% full trucks for very competitive prices

Consolidation consists of grouping the furniture (and/or goods) of several customers in order to maximise the loading of the removal trucks. Knowing that the cost per kilometre of a 100% or 65% full truck is approximately the same (driver's salary, depreciation of the truck, insurance, tolls...), co-transporting allows prices to fall. For the same distance, the price of transporting a 3-seater sofa can drop by 50% or more between "specific" transport and grouped transport.


Competitive bidding for a cheaper move

If WebTransportDeal is the moving platform you need, it's because it connects individuals looking to have furniture transported with professional movers looking to fill their trucks. If WebTransportDeal is the digital platform that goes up, it's because it offers a win-win situation: a cheaper move for the individual and a better profitability for the carrier (who fills his vehicle).
So don't hesitate any longer, submit your furniture transport request here and now.